Site survey/ needs analysis


Site survey and needs analysis

In the implementation of real estate projects, particularly in the area of operator properties or service properties (i.e. Care homes, child care facilities, retail businesses), detailed site knowledge - such as site surveys and needs analyses - are of great importance to determine the sustainability of the site.

We carry out site surveys and needs analyses for you in the context of investment decisions. Here, the site intended for the project is analysed with regards to factors such as existing competitors, current demographics, future needs, development potential and infrastructure. Our comprehensive and bespoke report evaluates the site potential and contains a preliminary recommendation with a view to the possible utilisation concept.

The site survey and needs analysis carried out for your purposes, represents an authoritative basis for your decision making for the further development of a site, as in addition to the aforementioned framework it supplies you with a basis for the economic analysis or investment calculations for the project. The properties in the neighbourhood will be analysed with regard to rent levels, years of construction, as well as offered services. Based on the knowledge gleaned from the site survey and needs analysis you will be adequately prepared to conduct first negotiations with potential operators.